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January 1, 2018 update:


We are now offering our products to the public at excellent prices.

Just go to products on the top menu bar, then click on the desired product to view pricing information.

These prices include ground shipping within the original 48 states. Plus all of our products include necessary ARP bolt kits, differential bearings and necessary gasket, o-rings and speedometer gear for the 02A and 02Jproducts. Just E-Mail to Peloquins a request to order the product you wish and we will proceed to send an invoice
along with a PayPal request for payment. Our E-Mail address is on left of screen in blue just click on it. Please supply a correct E-Mail address to which we can send Request.

Note: To clarify orders please send VIN number and transaxle code so we can supply correct product. If needed we can E-Mail the location of codes for 02A, 02J, 02M, 02Q and DSG transaxles.

Send complete shipping address and day time phone number for shipping. We also offer very good international rates.

We believe that we offer the best warranty for our products – NO HASSLE lifetime (transferable) warranty. Just shipping costs on any returns.


We welcome you to compare our prices and warranty to other manufactures as we believe for what we include with our products it can’t be beat along with our proven success over the past 14 years.

You still can go to our dealer listing to order any of our products just click on dealers left of screen.

Whoever is installing our differential in a 02A or 02J transmission please click on Installation and view the two Etka
pictures. This will show some items that must be removed before upper casing is removed. If not removed before
upper casing could cause noise in first gear.